Title: 88 Sternbilder, der Stand der Sonne im Zodiak und die Mondphasen des Jahres 2012
(88 star constellations, the position of the sun in the zodiak and the phases of the moon for 2012)

Year of publication: 2011
Copies: 20 pieces, hand-offset
Format: 51 cm x 37 cm
Paper: Zerkall 210 g/qm

The first edition of this print for the year 2010 has been such a success that we decided to republish it in 2012. The calendar has been adjusted accordingly.

"88 constellations... " is a calendar for the year 2012, which shows all the constellations of the sky as well as the phases of the moon. The constellations have names of greek or roman origin, single stars mostly carry persian names. The distance as well as the size of the stars are specified.

The sky is depicted in the mercator-projection, the south pole as a line above, the north pole on the bottom. That´s why the constellations in the pole regions are stretched out. This way, the yearly movement of the sun through the zodiac is illustrated.

Time count starts on the left side in spring on the 20th of March (equinox). Thats also why the northern regions of the sky are below and the southern regions on top.

In the bottom part of the map the moon-snake meanders through the months and provides the dates of full-, half and new moon of the year 2012. Here one finds all dates of the Gregorian calendar.


"88 constellations..." is also available as a piezo-pigment print. Size: app. 95 cm x 70 cm on a variety of paper.

For more images of the calendar, please klick here !