Title: Rad der Wandlungen (Wheel of Changes)

Year of publication: 2012
Copies: 50 pieces, hand-offset
Format: 43 cm x 61 cm
Paper: Johannot Bütten 240 g/qm

Detailed views of the wheel, here!
The desription of the components in German language, here!

The Wheel of Changes is a typografic description of the space-time continuum of the Chinese world. It illustrates the principle theoretical concepts of the Chinese sciences. With yin and yang, the flowing life energy in its core, it reveals the changes of things, the interplay between heaven and earth.

Wheel of Changes
Rad der Wandlungen

With its signs and symbols, digits and names, the wheel of changes offers an introduction to the complex, holistic, Chinese sciences and its philosophy. It presents the characteristics of the signs and symbols while demonstrating their connections in the context of time.

The Wheel of Changes is divided into eight separate wheels. The wheels describe the flow of years and days, as well as the interrelatedness of naturally occurring changes in the moment. Together they summarize the basic elements of the Chinese calendar and the structure of the I Ching.

Wheel 1: 64 hexagramms
Wheel 2: 60 dragons / 360 years
Wheel 3: 24 stations of the year
Wheel 4: moon-cycle
Wheel 5: zang-fu (Organuhr)
Wheel 6: 5 phases
Wheel 7: 24 mountains
Wheel 8: trigramms

All modules are ordered corresponding to the cardinal directions south-north and east-west, as well as the four seasons of spring, summer, fall and winter.

The Wheel of Changes is a mandala of time originating from our mythological past.

The complete description is available in German language: anhang.pdf.